Mount System Introduction

2018-10-31 15:26:49

I. Unlocking Conditions:
Headquarters Level: Lv.11 or above
Mounting Condition: 7-star or above heroes and lords
II Mount Attributes
Basic Attributes
HP: Covert into heroes’ Basic HP at a certain ratio according to the mastery type of mounted heroes or lords.
DPS: Covert into heroes’ Basic DPS at a certain percentage according to the mastery type of mounted heroes or lords.

The mount quality is related to the numerical value of the main bloodline. The specific ranges are as follows:

The mount quality determines the initial HP, DPS and Growth Rate. They are randomized in the quality range:

Passive Skills
Passive skills can affect mounted heroes directly through mounts. There are 21 types of skills. One mount can have up to 4 types of skills and the highest level of every type of skill is Lv.3. By combining skills, players can increase the skill type and level randomly.
The skill type can be changed randomly through Taming Tokens.

Exclusive Skills
Every famous horse has exclusive skills. The skill level is Lv.3. The corresponding exclusive skill level is unlocked through the overall skill levels of passive skills.
The release timing is obtained randomly when a famous horse is generated. It can be changed through items.
1.Release when being attacked by enemy heroes.
2.Release a skill for the first time.
3.HP is lower than 30%.

II. Gameplay Details
1. Entrance:
Main Scene Entrance: The portal above the main scene.
Quick Interface Entrance:  The icon“Horse Ranch”in the bottom right corner. 

2. Horse Ranch

The Horse Ranch consists of: Plough Land, Horse Market, Horse House, Stable, Western Merchant and Holy Pool. Their functions are as followings:
Plough Land
Sow seeds on the plough land to obtain the corresponding crops and fodder. Initially, there are 5 blocks of land. As your planting EXP increases, you can unlock 9 blocks at most.
There are 7 types of crops. Sow the corresponding seed to obtain the corresponding crop.

Horse Market
In the Horse Market, you can use lassos to catch horses. The horses caught will have random qualities and bloodlines. When you use lassos to catch famous horses, you may receive the corresponding famous horse pages.  
Players can receive 3 Normal Lassos and 1 Advanced Lasso daily for free.
Normal Lassos have a lower chance to catch horses.
Advanced Lassos have a 100% chance to catch a horse.
Famous Horse Pages are used to replace a mount's main bloodline into the corresponding bloodline recorded on the page.

Horse House
The Horse House is a place where you can improve your mount's bloodline. Two non-famous horses of the same quality and main bloodline can be paired to obtain a horse of a better main bloodline. When the main bloodline is increased to 100%, you will receive a famous horse.

The stable is a place where you can keep your mounts, set battle mounts, synthesize passive skills and purify skills.
Mount Bag
Initially, there are 50 bag slots. Players can use Ingots to unlock more slots until there are 300 slots.

Mount Details
In the mount details panel, you can check the mount's model, basic attributes, bloodline, passive skills and exclusive skills.

Battle Setting
    By riding a mount, heroes can receive attribute and passive skill bonuses from the mount. Famous heroes can also release exclusive skills in battle.
After setting heroes and mounts in the stable, the battle settings will be effective once you join a battle

Famous Horse Gallery
In the Famous Horse Gallery, you can check the final state of the corresponding horse.

Synthesize Skill
By consuming a Secondary Horse, players can merge the two horses' passive skills to obtain a higher overall skill level. The higher level skills may be dropped in the process. To reduce the chance of losing levels, you can use two horses with the similar overall skill level.

Purify Skill
Skills can be reset with Taming Tokens to generate new skills from the skill bank. After resetting skills, you will receive new skills different from the original ones and the skill level will stay unchanged.

Western Dealer
   The Western Dealer sells seeds and rare items.

Holy Pool
This function has not been unlocked. Please stay tuned.

4. Mount Battle
     After setting your battle heroes and mounts in the stable, you will find the corresponding changes of your hero model in the main scene or battle.