Maintenance Notice Jan.22th

2019-01-21 14:50:35

Dynasty War’s international servers will be down for maintenance at 07:00 (GMT+8) on January 22, 2019 (Tuesday). The maintenance will last for 3 hours from 07:00 to 10:00, which will be postponed in case of special circumstances. The updated content is as follows:

[Hero System]
1. Added the new 7-Star Hero: God of War, Zilong.
God of War, Zilong, one of the Five Tiger Generals, was a calm and resolute general who served under Liu Bei. Zilong saved his young lord many times. Liu Bei often praised Zilong for his bravery.

[Mount System]
1. Added the new famous horse – White Feet. (Players will be able to obtain White Feet after the update in February. Please stay tuned. You can view its info in the Gallery.)
It's said that White Feet was the overlord's mount. It was invincible in battle.

[Guard System]
1. Added the new guard - Blaze Eagle.
Blaze Eagles made by Machinist Yueying are mechanical monsters that can spit fire and burn thousands of soldiers and horses into ash.

[Growth Guide]
1. The Growth Guide is added to the Asterism System Guide. Tap “Go” in the Growth Guide to jump to the main interface with the arrow pointing to the “Asterism” button.

[Master & Disciple System]
1. After occupying all cities in the Normal Campaign Mode, the Trial Mode will unlock. In this mode, players can use Support Heroes.

[Alliance War]
1. Optimize the matching rules for the Alliance War. After the maintenance, the new matching rules will be related to the following factors:
Alliance members’ Headquarters Level, Overall Member Level, Winning Streak, Overall Power (Hero, Guard, Treasure, General Seal, and Mount).

[Asterism System]
1. Added the following menu options to the button World's Highest Score: [More Info], [My Space], [Visit] and [Check Alliance].
2. Adjusted the red dot display for Treasure Hunting. A red dot will appear when there are free Ingot Attempts. 
3. Added a [Back] button to the Asterism Instance interface. Tap this button to return to the Instance Chapter Selection interface. 
4. Added the Battle Duration display in the Asterism Instance - My Highest Score. If there are two or more battles with the same score, the one that used less time to complete will be displayed. 
5. Added the [Intensify] button to the Self-Challenge interface. Each option has a limited number of purchase attempts. 
6. Added the [Advanced Refresh] function to the Asterism Shop. Players can specify the shop to refresh only a specific number (for example, if you select 7, only the Asterism number item 7 will appear).
7. Lowered the number of Beads required to raid the Asterism Instance. It will take effect after maintenance. 
At the same time, we've also prepared a small gift package for you: 10 Small Bags of Beads. After maintenance, you can receive it via mail.

[Bug Fix]
1. Fixed the bug that the chat record in the previous account would be retained in the switched account after switching the account. 
2. Fixed the description about the Orange Seals requirements displayed in the pop-up box when sharing Orange Seals in the chat interface. 
3. Fixed the invalidity bug of stun/freezing/imprisonment and other statuses received when Two Qiaos released skills.
4 Fixed the abnormality effect problem of buff after the self-challenge ends. 
5. Fixed the problem that Two Qiaos failed to return to health status when the countdown of their assistance and healing ended. 
6. Fixed an issue that players could not manually change the form of Two Qiaos when not all soldiers were dispatched after using the dispatch all function.
7. Fixed the problem that the quick pass function could not be used in the Tale of Heroes when the remaining ingots were insufficient (with monthly Cards). 
8. Fixed the bug that there was no seal for the highest score in the history in the self-challenge settlement interface. 
9. Fixed the bug that the button was ineffective after clicking and players could not exit the interface when players closed the interface of Common Search or Master Search (single draw) in the Def Academy before the animation was over. 
10. Fixed the inconsistency bug of assistance skill values and the description of Two Qiaos' awakening skill.